“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“For a couple of years, I have been approaching the classic age of retirement after 36 years in a very successful professional career.  I enjoy my work and don’t feel financially ready for retirement, but have many other things I want to pursue.  And I’d like to do them while I’m healthy, energetic and engaged.  What do I do? Do I keep working, do I retire, do I wind down, what?  I’ve talked to a lot of other professionals who have retired, or not, and have only been able to conclude this is a very personal, individualistic process – there is no secret passage to the right action.

While casually talking to Deb she began a series of questions that caused me to think about this in ways I had not before.  I decided to engage her for a focused consideration and she has run me through a series of exercises that focused on topics like what drives me, what engages me, what I really want and what I’m afraid of.  This has led me to a decision that’s right for me.

I found through this process that simple advice from others about what I should do was well meant but too general and never felt right for me.  Unfortunately finding the right path to this transition to retirement is not easy and not universal.  Fortunately, Deb was there to help me explore what was right for me. Her native insight, intelligence, instincts and approach are really well suited for her role as a coach.  I highly recommend her for anyone going through a professional transition – she can help find the most appropriate personal path for you.”

John H.

“In early 2017, significant changes occurred at The Breitenfeldt Group. These changes directly affected our employees. We anticipated much unease and uncertainty during the transition. To keep morale at a positive level and to ease the transition process, we hired Through the Jungle, LLC.  Deb conducted a 2-hour Discovery Session with each of our 40 employees. During the Discovery Session, each employee had an opportunity, with Deb’s guidance, to identify his/her personal values, to determine what’s truly important to them, to see where their values strongly show up in their lives, and to see where their values are being stepped on. It was an amazing, eye-opening process. The session showed us the necessity and connection between aligning our current everyday life with our personal values to achieve balance and fulfillment. Each employee walked out of their Discovery Session with a new self-awareness and focus. Due to the highly confidential nature of coaching, the Discovery Session also provided our employees with a safe arena to voice their concerns about the company changes and to receive some coaching around their concerns. Because of the positive impact of the Discovery Sessions, The Breitenfeldt Group encouraged employees to continue with individual coaching sessions with Deb. Overall it was a very positive experience for our employees and the company. I definitely recommend the coaching services of Through the Jungle, LLC.”

Joan Paulzine
Breitenfeldt Group
Manager of Medicare Services

“I wasn’t sure I needed a Life Coach. Life was pretty good. And yet – being the adventuresome type – I was curious about what a life coach could do for me. On a whim I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I took the risk and hired Deb Halvorson ( Through the Jungle, LLC). Even though I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to be coached on, Deb wasted no time in helping me figure out what I valued. From there she helped me identify ways to bring more of what I valued into my life. I was amazed at how quickly the process unfolded and saw immediate improvement in my interactions with others. What I’m most grateful for is the increased confidence I have in my newly defined direction for focusing my attention and energy. I’m still amazed that all this happened in just 5 sessions. I recently decided to sign up for more – just to see where else this process can take me.

I highly recommend Deb for anyone interested in exploring ways to improve and get more of what they want out of life. One Caveat: You have to be willing to make changes – to push yourself through the discomfort of doing things differently. And she gives homework to urge you in that direction. It’s very manageable – and rewarding. I think the homework is part of the secret to why change happened so fast for me. If you’re not willing to do the homework, don’t bother with getting a Life Coach.  If you are willing – then Deb is a skillful coach to have on your team. I feel very lucky to have found her.”

Sue H-C, Attorney

“Deb is kind, direct, compassionate, and a deeply attentive listener. She possesses remarkable insight and has the almost magical ability to detect the obstacles in my way from the tone of my voice. Although I hired her to help me build and maintain my writing habit, she has assisted me with so much more. She has helped me achieve a sense of balance and insight in my life and my writing has flourished as a result. I cannot imagine a more gifted life coach or a more caring individual. Thank you, Deb!”

Nico T., Author and Teacher

“I knew Deb for awhile before she became a life coach and I can honestly say that it made perfect sense as she has always been a source of guidance in my life.

Self improvement is something that has always interested me and I had some things going on, as everyone does, that I needed to work on.

One thing I’ve learned and am still learning is that we all have answers in us somewhere but sometimes we need help pulling them out by asking the right questions.  For me coaching was a self discovery experience and a combination of gaining tools that I can use throughout life and working through issues that seemed confusing on my own. I was encouraged to challenge myself and explore ideas that were already within me but not accessible with my own efforts.

I’d recommend coaching for anyone.  We all have things to work on and it’s a valuable piece of self care that benefits yourself as well as your loved ones.”