Take a look at your life today. Where are you? Are you where you want to be? Are you just about there? Do you wish you were somewhere else?

Regardless the answer, you are HERE. HERE is where you are today.. now.. this minute. It is not only your physical proximity, but your emotional and spiritual proximity as well.

How did you get here? What did it take? Put another way, what’s the road you walked? Think back. Were there hills or maybe even mountains to climb that required your continued determination, persistence, and grit? Were there low valleys filled with sadness and fear that required your courage, honesty, and vulnerability to make it out? Were there unforeseen rocks and roots in the road that required a blind leap of faith or some serious risk taking?

I’ll bet the answers are yes, yes, and yes! So, let’s CELEBRATE! You made it to today.. now.. this minute. You did not give up. You kept moving forward. That’s no small feat, people.

For this week, acknowledge, be grateful, and celebrate your HERE.