A LOT! Remember all those times when FEAR stopped you from doing what you really wanted to do? You see, FEAR talks to us. It’s that little voice in our head that says STOP.

Now, to be fair, I’m glad FEAR intervenes and says STOP if I’m about to cross the street on a red light or go for a walk alone at 2:00 am. FEAR is our natural, God-given safety valve. But what happens when this safety valve of FEAR seeps into every aspect of our lives? What’s the personal cost?

We get stuck, and we stay stuck. We can’t move because FEAR whispers “you will fail,” so we stay safe. We don’t move forward. We don’t try new things. We don’t become who we were created to be. We stay safe. We rob ourselves of our own creativity and greatness all because of FEAR.

Know this: We all have the capacity to take away FEAR’s power. It’s true. FEAR is always with us – we need it, but it doesn’t need to rule us.

It’s EMPOWERING to step out of the FEAR and take a risk, like go for that promotion, quit the high-paying job you hate for the lower-paying job you love, submit that article for publication (or rejection), learn to snowboard, write your novel, set boundaries with your in-laws, be vulnerable with your spouse or a friend, and do that one thing you’ve been afraid to do – whatever it is. What’s the worst that could happen? You could fail, right? What’s the greatest that could happen? You could succeed and achieve and move forward! We must be prepared to fail — so that we can succeed —
otherwise, we simply stay stuck.

This week, step out of the FEAR and trust your power and greatness. Remember the old adage: “Let me fall if I must fall. The one I become will catch me.”