Admittedly, not many people walk around bearing or carrying their own personal flag. But if we did, if that type of behavior was commonplace, what would your flag be?

Each flag tells a story. The American flag tells the story of our original 13 colonies (stripes), existing 50 states (stars), and our union (blue square around the stars). The Canadian flag tells the story of the aboriginal peoples’ discovery of maple sap as a food property (maple leaf) and the colors red and white represent peace, honesty, hardiness, bravery, strength, and valor.

Flags tell a story. What’s your story? What kind of flag would you create? What would it look like? How would you show your bravery, your intelligence, your love, your inner strength?

Perhaps it’s an animal, a flower, a specific color, or all three. Maybe it’s a long winding road. Think about it. Get creative (yes, you ARE creative). This week create your flag – the flag that tells your magnificent story.