Thoughtfully answer that question. Now, does your answer describe who you are? If you often see others as powerful but not yourself, why is that? Could it be that our own definition of powerful is out of reach?

If we equate powerful to having great power (POTUS), having mega dollars (Warren Buffet), having high prestige (Nobel Peace Prize winner), or having much influence over others (Pope Francis), it may be a long time before we consider ourselves powerful, right?

What if being powerful is as simple as looking in the mirror and seeing a powerful person looking back. Sounds so simple. What would happen if every time we looked in the mirror we said “I am powerful!” We wouldn’t be thinking about the size of our bank account, our dress or pants size, our place on the corporate ladder, that stupid new pimple, or any of the other things we think or say when we look in the mirror (many of which are not very nice). Imagine the power that would come from such a regular positive message.

We’ve all heard a thousand times “the power of positive thinking,” but how many of us put it into action? For just this week, I challenge you to put it into action. Every time you look in the mirror, say, “I am powerful.” Step out of your comfort zone and just do it. I’ll bet by the end of the week your definition of powerful will change, and you might actually believe you are powerful.

PC: Ivan Obolensky