Think about it. I’m not talking a global solution, like solving world hunger (although if you have a solution for that, by all means, go for it!). I’m talking about your everyday life. Where are you the solution?

Being the solution can look different for everyone. It may mean standing up for yourself. It may mean simply walking away. It may mean standing up for someone else. For example, gossiping. We’ve all done it and we’ve all been on the receiving end. The next time it presents itself – and it will – how will you handle it? Will you join in with the gossip or will you be the solution?

The July 4th holiday is upon us. Many of us will spend the day with family and friends. We will inevitably be irritated or bothered in some way by someone…

But this time, do something different. Ask yourself, “Where am I the solution?”

(PC: Leah Kelley)