Jumping off the Merry-Go-Round of Relapse

This 90-minute workshop addresses the common, but completely avoidable, incident of relapse while in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, or any other addiction. We focus on the metaphorical merry-go-round of relapse. We identify our barriers to recovery – those people, places, things, attitudes, and beliefs in our life that keep us broken, sick, and stuck. We all ride this merry-go-round. If we stay on too long, we get sick again and relapse. This workshop provides participants an opportunity to identify specifically what’s on their merry-go-round of relapse and what it takes to jump off. There is an opportunity for personal writing and discovery during this workshop. Most importantly there is an opportunity to participate and develop camaraderie with the over-arching theme that we are all together in this fight for sobriety.

Values Balance Fulfillment – OH MY!

Values are who we are. Our values are the internal compass pointing out what it means to be true to yourself. Our values define what’s important to us. You are living your values – or not – every moment of every day. When we honor our values on a regular and consistent basis life is good. Life is in balance. Life is fulfilling. We feel confident and strong. The possibilities are endless. BUT what if we don’t even truly know what our values are? How do we know if we’re living a balanced and fulfilled life or just getting by? This 90-minute workshop is all about discovering and identifying your values – the ones you already have within you. It’s designed to help you experience your values rather than just picking out words from a list. We’ll determine which values you are honoring, which values you are ignoring, and which values are being stepped on. We’ll do an exercise to help you see how balanced your life is or is not. We’ll discuss taking action based upon your values and not your circumstances.