I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new book, Out of the Basement: Beyond Surviving Sexual Assault, a transformative guide that beckons us to unearth the courage, resilience, and strength lying dormant within.


Beyond Surviving Coaching

A journey of Healing, Hope, and Empowerment

Sexual assault – any sexual assault – is a violation of mind, body, and spirit. It leaves behind a residue of shame, self-blame, as well as the sense that we are never safe. No matter what’s happened to you, it is possible to shed the residue and intentionally heal, be hopeful, and be empowered. We can thrive and flourish beyond surviving. 

Deborah Halvorson’s Beyond Surviving Coaching empowers each client, through a collaborative process, to rediscover who they truly are and reclaim what was taken from them.

What is a beyond-surviving coach?

Beyond Surviving coaching is for sexual assault survivors who feel stuck in the cycle of shame, self-blame, and never-safe feelings. Who feels they are on a hamster wheel that just keeps repeating? Through coaching, we explore together how this residue is present in your current life. We get curious about what’s working and what’s not. The goal is to increase awareness, reduce judgment, create positive change, and reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit. 

Beyond Surviving Coaching does not look backward into the past. We look forward and get curious by asking powerful questions like “What’s the opportunity here?” or “What’s possible here?”

“Not everything that is faced can be changed;
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
—James Baldwin

The Process

Coaching is about discovery, awareness, and choice. During this process you will be supported and encouraged as you find your own answers and make important life-changing choices. All you need is a willingness to explore and step outside of your comfort zone. You bring the willingness, and together we’ll figure out the rest.


Discovery Session

This is the first coaching session. It’s an opportunity to discuss your current life situation and circumstances and those areas of your life that may be difficult. We will create and design our coaching relationship, explore your core values and strengths, get curious about what holds you back, and explore your expectations and goals for coaching.


Ongoing Session

The coaching process requires a commitment to yourself, along with a willingness to get curious and explore possibilities for change. Change happens over time: sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. You will make forward progress in each session if you commit to the process.


Closing Session

One final closing session is required so we can assess your progress, discuss your learning, and celebrate your shifts and changes. Together we’ll create an action plan to continue to deepen your learning and forward your action

“There is a force in the universe which, if we permit it,
will flow through us and produce miraculous results.”
Deb Halvorson Portrait

Meet Deb

Deborah K. Halvorson is passionate about helping people to help themselves. She channels this passion through her life coaching business. She is the owner and founder of Through the Jungle, LLC, a life coaching business. She strives to help sexual assault survivors to focus on creating and experiencing their own well-being while maneuvering through the jungle of life. She walks along with each client on their journey of healing, hope, and empowerment—beyond surviving. No matter what’s happened to you, it’s all about remembering who you are. 

Deb is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach trained and certified by the Co-Active Training Institute. She is also a Certified Trauma-Informed Coach, a trained sexual assault advocate, and an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. She also completed all five courses in the Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization through The University of Pennsylvania.  

Deb’s personal story involves recovery and healing from a traumatic past of sexual assault. She knows the courage it takes to face your past and the ever-looming temptation to return to what’s familiar, even if it’s harmful. Her story also involves alcohol and drug addiction. She is active in a twelve-step recovery program and has served others like her for over forty years.


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